Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3 - Ned Mueller's workshop

These photos are from Day 3 of the workshop on Sunday. The first one is my original. Believe me. Ned didn't touch this one (only this one though). The original photo was taken by Ned in Central America or South America, somewhere. It had a blue pick-up truck and more people and goats in the background. I cut them off and left the mother and daughter figures and two goats. It's not too bad as a piece I spent only two hours.
Then the next one is obviously Ned's demo for a cottonwood. He didn't refer to anything but it looks very realistic.
The last one was a snow scene at somewhere. Those trees are mostly painted by Ned. I couldn't get these quite bright colors shining in late afternoon sun. He made these from Cad Red Light, Cad Orange Mid, Chromium Oxide Green, Hansa Yellow Light, and some Mixed(Titenium&Zinc) White. He made the highlighted part of snow warmer with Cad Red Light + Mixed White.

These are the all I got this workshop. The key issues I've learned are:
1) brush strokes I need to practice more
2) judgement of values in colors
3) drawing for landscapes and figures/bigger shapes
4) the way wet-in-wet works
5) don't afraid moving objects around or modifying them even for landscapes

After all it was very good and productive workshop over the weekend. By the way all canvas I painted on were 12"x16", which is my standard size for en plein air.

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