Sunday, June 28, 2009

Background hill is coming along

Background hill started coming along. Using reddish purple I gradually adjusted the shapes of the shadows, and filled lighter part with tilted colors. At this moment I still need to keep pushing values. But in the end, I'll fade the hill away to put focus on the poplars, which is the next part I'll work on. I want to put more lights on the part.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Yakima Visit

Saturday, about 9PM, technically 1h 45min before summer officially starts, I was approaching Yakima from south on I-82. Oldies like Supremes, Marvin Gay, and so on, were on the radio. I lost consciousness about who and where I am for a moment....just amazed by the scenery.
Next morning, I drove up Canyon Road, SR-821, toward Ellensburg. And set up my easel along Yakima river. The trees' green on the left side was showing a good contrast with the dried grass's yellow, which I couldn't recreate well on the canvas. Ironically that was why I picked this spot instead of rocky canyon views. Also, I should have made it darker as you can easily see. I spent about two hours and a half there until noon. It was not hot but breezy. I felt even chilly.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Start with "Yakima River"

22"x30". Started with very thin layers to draw the shapes. Since the photo was taken in my dark basement (as usual) it's difficult to see the values. I know. But I need to push values to make dark darker.

I'll go to Yakima this weekend to paint another scene.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Started working on this again

Due to demand of my day job, I couldn't work on any pieces a while. I finally did it tonight. I flipped the canvas back to the normal orientation. I tried more reddish purple on the hill. I still can't decide what colors I want to use for the hill. Only idea I have now is I want to make the colors a little more reddish to keep harmony with the colors of the trees. It would cause them to go away from the real colors I saw. But so be it.