Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm back to Fisher Peak

Finally I made up my mind to come back to this painting. Last three months I haven't done anything. But now it's time to get back.

I've been thinking which way I want to go; like Mike Wise putting more contrast between values and colors, or like Norman Lundin using limited palette and not much color variation but subtle value shift to highlight limited areas. I haven't made up my mind, but likely in-between.

So I made the mid to foreground much darker since they're actually shadowed by clouds and also much closer to the viewers. I might want to make those limited sun lit area lighter to create contrast. Probably I need to make shapes clearer in the mid-foregrounds.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mitch Albala Wet-in-wet Workshop

Above images are the outcome of today's Mitch Albala's wet-in-wet workshop at Winslow Art Center. These are 9x12 canvas pad and canva paper (I didn't feel much differences once I rubbed the first layer in). Top one is the fist practice putting 4 layers on the surface, progressively make a layer thicker. However, as always I had a problem putting a consistent layer laid out without scraping the bottom later off. It turned out my paint mix was not smooth enough, and I had to add a little more solvent or medium into the mix. That was the biggest finding in today's workshop.

The bottom right is obviously the last practice of the day for a still life. I think the yellow-green leaves are nicely popping up, but as Mitch commented, the window was supposed to be the lightest of this composition, which is not quite. I need to keep trying to create lightest rich colors.