Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The last update of the piece

I suddenly realized I probably wouldn't make much improvement from this point any further. Of course, I still need to work on some weak spots and details to call it done. But I can likely finish this in this weekend.

New Canvas Carrier is almost done

I'm now gluing right left bottom supports and it's almost done. I'm sure I need to adjust some portions after they dried up by putting it into the top case of my Moto Guzzi.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Putting life into another calf

Work on the left calf. i liked the outcome of the colors. Purple + orange worked surprisingly well. Before getting more details of the cows, I think I need to push values of the grass surrounding the cows next.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still adjusting values of the shaddow part

I sensed the shadow part is not dark enough to compare to the lighter part, at the same time the shapes were not right. I still keep pushing the values. I started with the center. The island of rocks in the center is the good place to start.Other part would become relative to the center part.

I also darkened the white water splash not to stand out too much. The entire view was in shadow anyway.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I worked on one of calves in foreground. I haven't decided if I would make the colors warmer or cooler, or both. I probably won't decide until almost the last stage. It's getting interesting though. I just can't make progress on this painting as fast as I wanted.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Still don't know what this would end up with

Haven't touched this quite a while. But finally did something to it. At least it got some colors. But I still don't know what to do with this piece. The entire view was in shadow in early morning. Only two small spots were in sunshine. At this moment, I need to put some opaque colors on the white canvas. I guess only after that I can think about how to proceed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back support of the new canvas carrier

Framing the back side of support. Glooved back post and a pair of side post, then glued holizontal supports to only the back post at this moment. To keep the perpendicular angle of the supports against the back post, I clamped the side posts but not glued them yet.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Condolence to victims in Japan and....moving on

First, as a Japanese who grew up and lived in the home land for 35 years, I don't have any other words but condolence for the victims in Japan on the 11th of March. They're still making desperate fights around the clock to rescue survivors and against growing threat of nuclear reactor melt-down. Everybody in Japan must be holding their breath anxiously. My family members in Japan were all ok only because they don't live and work near the hard hit areas. Very heartbreaking images and videos are on TV everyday after the event. Even people on the opposite side of the ocean have to get over the experiences we never experienced before. Lives would never be the same regardless where you live, or directly hit or not.

 Then, I have to move on. I have to.

This disaster re-reminded me how strong the nature is and how vulnerable human being is in front of it.  I really want to go back into nature and paint, and paint, and paint....Since last weekend, I started making another wet canvas carrier. Because the current one (top left  corner of the photo below) is specifically designed to hold only one 12"x16" canvas. After the last Jim Lamb's workshop, I decided I want to go to smaller canvas for en plein air. Maybe 11"x14" or 10"x13". My plan is to make another carrier for two of those sizes, which fits in the top box of my Moto Guzzi, Nevada. So that I can start painting again in April. It might take a couple of more weeks.