Sunday, October 18, 2009

Further Modification

On 10/10 I posted a photo of the first revision of the stretched canvas holder for the top box of my motorcycle. But it turned out that I couldn't close the box when I put both the holder and the field easel in. So, I needed to cut one third of it to lower the height as you can see in this photo. Now it can hold only one canvas.
In addition to this modification, I went to art supply shopping today to Utrecht and Daniel Smith for the coming workshop by Michele Usibelli ( at the end of the month. I went through the material list last night and placed an order on-line for the items I can't get at any local shops. As an artist in Russian Impressionist style, her selection of paints is quite expensive. I made a compromise not to strictly follow the list. For most of the colors in the list, I would never use again after the workshop anyway. I'll stretch smaller canvas in 9"x12" and "11"x14" with stretcher bars I bought at Utrecht. I've never tried these small sizes, except for the tiny boards I tried in Machel Maxi's workshot at Pratt.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trees need color variations

The far ridge and ground are now almost in final values. Then tried to set the light colors for the tree on the right bank. But failed to come up with the right values. Too light compared to the other part. The greens of the trees need different kinds of greens to make this painting interesting. That would be the very next step I need to try.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gadget for Top Case

In a week or so, I'll pick up my new motorcycle at the shop where I got my scooter last year. I love the 180 cc scooter, which is fast enough to get on the highway and economical to ride for commute. But it's not strong enough to ride over the passes to get to the east side of the mountains, or go to Portland or Belingham. So I decided to upgrade it to a motorcycle with a 750 cc engine. It's called Nevada Classic from Moto Guzzi.
I already have a 45 l top box on the back of my scooter. It happens to be big and wide enough to put my handmade field easel and a 12"x16" stretched canvas inside. I'll put it on the motorcycle once I got it. Now I need a mechanism to hold wet canvas in the case. The one in the photo can hold two canvases. Then I'll stack the easel on top of it. That's my current plan.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Vase Arrived

I came home today from work to find a box sitting on my front porch. I ordered this vase a couple weeks ago. I was looking for one to paint a still-life from for a commission piece. When I saw this at a web site, I liked the simplicity in shape and mild colors of "Ume" tree on it. I knew it'd be difficult to paint the fine cracks on the surface (you might not be able to see them even if you enlarge the pic) but I thought I might just ignore them.
I'll gather some more objects to paint with, likely flowers and fruits or vegetables, before start working on the piece (remember I'm working on three pieces now). Unlike my regular subjects, I need to sketch and paint quickly before flowers, fruits and veggies are getting discolored or out-of-shape.