Sunday, August 29, 2010

Barn is making shape quickly

Tones are way darker than actual ones. But still being aware of the relationships between them then experimenting colors especially greens. Looks like the cattle were located a little too low when I drew them. I'll define the location next.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kenmore Art Show

Currently my three pieces, Breeze, Pals, and Three Sheep, are in Kenmore Art Show at Northlake Lutheran Church in Kenmore. I took a couple of photos for my pieces:

This show is quite suitable for me. I went to the preview for artists Friday evening before it opened to public on Sat. Some of them are really good. In Painting/Drawing category, a figurative pastel piece by Patty Forte-Linna won the 2nd place. She's represented by Cole Gallery in Edmonds where you can find some of my favorite artists' pieces. Her web site is below:

This show lasts until Aug.29(Sun). I'll make this show as one of regular shows I would submit my pieces every year.

Probably the last update for the horse

Agin, it's taking too long for this horse. There are other projects going on but I could have touched this more for last 3-4 weeks, which I didn't. I don't think I can improve any more about the horse with my current skills. It's about the time to stop before ruining it. For the back ground, the technique to finish the fence was from both Michele Usibelli and Ned Muller. Thanks to those wonderful artists and teachres.

The rest would be the all about greens. I'll play around and experiment to see what I can do.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feeling defeated....

Well, the photo says all. After spending a little less than 2 hours early in this morning (I left home before 6AM), I told myself I didn't have enough skill to finish this piece on site. It's just west of Darrington, wa, along SR-530. Gracier Peak is in the background. In foreground a bare tree is in the center and another tree is on the right. But I couldn't get desirable colors of the peak, or middle ground green mountains and forest. I was actually not sure what my desirable colors were. Then lost. The bare tree, which is the focal point of this piece, never came to life. I guess I need to shuffle my palette again.