Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Achievment ?!?

  I've been joining Ned Mueller's workshop since yesterday. 3 day workshop at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio. Before explaining what's happening at the workshop, I'll put a link to Ned's web site.

  Yesterday, after a couple of his demonstrations for a landscape and another w/ figures, we started paining in the afternoon. Look at the photo of MY outcome! Isn't it almost perfect?!? Well, it should. I spent about two hours to paint this piece from a photo Ned brought in. Then exhausted and feared to ruin if I touch it any longer. That's when Ned came to ask me "Would you mind ...." My immediate answer was "Go ahead, please". Then you can see what happened after that in the photo. He spent about half an hour to finish this painting by painting over what I did.

  This is a 12"x16" canvas I stretched and gessoed. I put it on the easel vertically and used a little more than half of it. So about 10"x12". Look at the colors he made and bold brush strokes with my #6 filbert brush. I couldn't believe what was happening 3'-4' in front of my eyes.

  First, I amazed with his decisions for colors and values to mix. Needless to say it's coming out of his 50 years of experiences. Then every brush stroke he made was completely different, if not opposite, from mine. I felt the same I was at the same studio on the island for Michelle Usibelli's workshop last time. Their strokes are with full of confidence. More intentional with each from start to stop. Ned used up quite amount of paints on my palette. Also he moved the big objects quite a bit to make the composition more interesting. Even added some objects, such as trees and stones, which were not on the photo. That's something I could hardly do.

  Obviously I couldn't sign on this piece but I might sell this piece to my neighbor who showed me some interest to my paintings, but gave up because my pieces are too big for her walls. So that I could easilly see it whenever I want to see. I need to wait until it dries up and re-mount the canvas on a smaller board to frame.

  Stay tuned with more progress reports.

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