Sunday, January 6, 2013

Not moving fast

Not much progress lately other than defining the shapes around the cave, which would become one of focal points. But I started thinking I should put more colors&values for trees now before working on more details of rocks. Currently the area is just spaced out. So I started putting tree trunks with the lightest color. Now I can see the front rocks need to be much lighter compared to the tree trunks.

By the way, I walked up the snowshoe trail this morning and finally got to Hyak Lake, which is the destination of the trail. I met a tall woman on the trail who got up earlier but couldn't find the last stretch of the trail and came down. She just needed to walk up 100ft or less along the power-line (see the photo on 1/1) after reaching the inter-summit crossover run. I luckily found it by following the creek that the trail is running along. So I was the first person to got there today. As in the photo, the lake was completely covered by snow. I walked around on th e trail. I might paint from the photo I took. It was really mono-tone though.
I might go there again before my Canadian vacation at the end of the month to keep my resolution!

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