Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolution

You probably feel this is nothing to do with art. You're right in general sense. But...
Today I drove up to Snoqualmie Pass for snowshoeing. This was my third snowshoe experience at the summit for last 8 days(12/25, 12/29, then today 1/1), or entire life. Every time the course is slightly different. It's in-between Summit Central and East. There is a snowshoe trail but I somehow failed to get on it. This is a part my new year resolution: do more exercise, and a part preparation for Canadian ski/snowshoe vacation at the end of Jan. I might paint there if weather is too good for those main activities. At the end of last year, I came to a conclusion that all sorts of my health issues for last 5-6 years have origin in 2005-2007 when I went to school and when my life style has changed completely mainly due to time constraint.
It's definitely affecting to my art making too. Or to everything. I want to get my healthy life style back. I'm going have more exercise and change diet. That's my new year resolution.

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