Saturday, April 3, 2010

Strongly Influenced

I put some colors on the ridge and the sky. Only four colors. But I can see strong influence by Ned's workshop. I usually put much darker values at this earlier stage. But even on the dark trees on the ridge, I used some mixed white to tone down the value. And I used quite amount of white for the other parts. Again, even at this early stage.

At this stage, I'm still looking for the bigger shapes of values/colors, which should make the ridge interesting. Through this "finding" process, I inevitably painted wet-in-wet, which is also rare in my previous accustomed process of landscape painting in this size.With new process, I'm skipping some middle steps I regularly repeat until I feel much comfortable with the lager shapes, including photographing the painting and comparing with the reference photo. This would speed up the entire painting process a lot. I hope.

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