Saturday, April 3, 2010

Book of William Wendt

Finally I got this book, which I've been thinking since earlier last year. More than a year since I discovered him. It was about $100 on Amazon Market Place. I placed the order last Sat after came back from Ned's workshop Day 2. William Wendt originally came from Germany and learned art at the AI of Chicago. Then moved to Southern California. He's the farther of California Impressionism. The colors in his landscapes are amazing. And his brush stokes with bright brushes are very bold (rather straight than curved) and distinctive. Yet his sense of values is his strong asset. In this more than 300 page hard cover book, there are probably more than 100 color photos of his paintings. Every single one of them is blowing me away. How could he do that!
I know I can't paint like him now but eventually I want to be able to do that. And Ned's workshop helped me to get a step closer to the goal.
  • Title: In Nature's Temple, the Life and Art of William Wendt
  • Publisher:The Irvine Museum-Laguna Art Museum; First edition (2008)

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