Sunday, April 25, 2010

Next Series of Landscapes

While  finishing up the commission piece, Wine Glass and Fruits, or actually since last week, I had been thinking about the next series of landscapes for this year. Last year was Yakima series. I made three of them and am working on the fourth one now. I did 5 or 6 plein-air sessions through last spring and summer. It was quite productive even though each studio piece took more than a month.

After, or while, watching at Northwest Backroad on King5 last Saturday, I decided the destiination of the next series to be North Cascades and/or Methow Valley along State Route 20.  I'll probably be painting many mountains, forest, lakes and rivers, I guess. I would make Skagit River Resort (inexpensive cabins) at Mablemountain as my base. It must be interesting and exciting to test my new approach in plein-air.

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