Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wenatchee Trip

Current "Valley Creek" is at the final stage. Then I didn't have any other pieces I could work on next. Luckily the weather was expected to be good today. So I took off with my stuff last night. Stayed at a motel in Wenatchee. Then painted at the site a little south from Chelan along Columbia River, or Lake Entiat this morning.

The cliff is on the opposite side of the water. I thought about the composition a while if I would put the water in, or not. But I decided putting the apple orchard on the center. Most of apple trees in the valley were full bloom. Workers were busy watering, fertilizing, or pollination. At the end, I felt I failed to capture and put shadows into this painting. I spent about 2.5h on site.

I would come back and paint some others. I like the balance between desert and water in addition to human effort to build orchards in the valley.

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