Thursday, May 1, 2008

Easel Modification

I adjusted values of trees and mountains in the background tonight. It's getting close to the final stage. From here, I would adjust colors of snow. Currently left side is too cool and right side is too warm. This was my original intention but doesn't look like a piece of painting. I need to decide how to handle this problem.

A week before, I upgraded my main studio easel. Not by buying a new one. But by modifying the current one with a saw and a drill. I had been considering getting a Best Santa Fe I, which is more than $500. But the main reason I was considering this was my current Best Dulce's (that was about $250) back supports are not as high as I want them to be except for the center post. As the result, a bigger canvas like 24"x32" or more is not stable when I paint top corners on both sides.

But after thinking this many times, I concluded it's too expensive for me. Then I suddenly came up with an alternative solution as you can see in the photo. It costs only about $15 for hard wood, screws, nuts and bolts from a Home Depot.

Japanese ingenuity!

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