Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tim Deibler Workshop - Demo night

Today was the Day 1 of Tim Deibler [] workshop at Winslow Art Center on Bainbridge Island. Then he provided a 2.5h demo to public tonight with this 30"x40" canvas. The photo was taken at a break after 1.5h mark. I haven't seen any demos with this big size of canvas before. He's really quick painter with quick wiggling strokes. After finishing the first block in with thinner paints, he stopped using paint thinner other than when he really needed to clean his brush. He painted this with almost only one brush (#8 flat Utrecht 209 series?).

Day time, we did 2 one hour paintings (I used 9"x12" canvas pads) and 1.5h painting. I'll take photos of them tomorrow evening and post. Basically summarizing values of the subject down to three ranges: lightest, darkest, and mid value. Then blocking them in with proper value relationship between large shapes, which I keep hearing from Mitch Albala, Jim Lamb, and so on. I started using more and more paints lately and I realized I need to take bigger tubes of basic colors tomorrow. This is a good sign of improvement on my skills and techniques.

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