Monday, July 22, 2013

Tim Deibler Workshop - Day 2 & 3

The photos above are the outcome of the rest of the workshop this weekend. The red rock painting was from Day1's 1.5h session. Other two on the left are from Day2 plein air, which was mostly failures. Then the right one is from Day3 in the art center. What I've learned were quite similar, if not the same, to ones I keep hearing from other workshops in the past:
1. Don't use white straight from the tube
2. Define the value relationship in the scene (lightest, darkest, mid values) then lay them down on the canvas first.
3. find color temperature relationship, warm and cool, in the scene and keep the relative relationship when you mix&put colors on.

These are the basics from the workshop. But also I was making the same mistakes again and again, like evenly divided distances between the same shapes like trees and the same size of similar shapes like rocks, etc. I'll re-consider the size of canvas for my plein air again. Down to 9"x12". And maybe put a cut gessoed canvas (9x12) on a board (10x13), which would probably save money for me for stretcher bars. Those are all practices anyway. Not for sale. And more importantly they would be easier to carry in bulk even when they're wet.

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