Friday, December 3, 2010

Felt a little strange at AIC [updateing from an airplane!]

  First, I need to tell I'm updating this blog from an airplane on my way back to Seattle. SW Airlines was offering $5 in-flight WiFi, which was hard to resist (cool!).
  This trip was for my day job. However, I squeezed every part of Thu and made a 2h window at night when the admission was free.
  I don't exactly remember when I was there last time. Probably about two years ago or more. They changed the room plan quite a bit. I guess it happened when they opened the new modern wing last year. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to visit the new building last night. Or maybe because it took me additional time to figure out where the all impressionism paintings were. Then when I finally figured it out and walked through the stretched section, I felt something strange, which I never felt in the past for more than 5 times of visits. They didn't make me feeling much admiration this time. The colors are the same as before for Monet's haystacks, poppy field, waterloo bridge, Degas' millinery shop, dancers, Pissaro's landscapes, Renoir's girls, women, and so on and on. Nothing has changed on them. The change happened to me instead, which I came to understand while browsing American Art section when I was looking for after-Civil-War era landscape paintings.
  I've been learning more and more color making and value placing based on modern realism. I'm not intending to do any more exactly like the impressionists did more than a century ago. I know I still need to learn a lot more from their master pieces. That's for sure. But...
  After I left the AIC and sat at a table in Bennigans, watching the entrance of the AIC through the window, a little sadness came to my mind and Sam Adams tasted a little more bitter than it should be.

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