Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last day of Cast Drawing Class at Gage

  Today was the last day for the class at Gage Academy. All first quarter students have been working on the final project through last three Saturdays. This is my outcome. The big cast shadow was done Friday night. Today I worked on rendering on the top right corner of the cast. As the instructor Susan Bari Price pointed out, I tend to make all shadow part too dark even at early stages, which causes me to end up erasing a lot. I think I just don't get used to the way drawing works: you can only add values, you can't subtract. I'm so used to "blocking" with the darkest dark value at the beginning of oil painting. In oil painting, you can make it lighter relatively easily but can't put darker colors on wet light colors. You need to wait until the surface dries up. So you need to start from darker. It's opposite from drawing or watercolor.

  Even though this piece is unfinished I'm somewhat satisfied with how this drawing turned out as well as what I've leaned throughout last 9 Saturdays. I might take another class or workshop at Gage. But not many options for night classes or weekend workshops unfortunately.

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