Sunday, June 13, 2010

En plein air after long drought

I forgot to take a photo of the set-up with my motorcycle before putting the wet canvas into the top case secured by a specially-made wood-framed carrier, which was designed holding a 16"x12" stretched canvas and perfectly fits in the top case of the motorcycle. So you can see only top part of my pochard box sitting on top of the carrier in the photo.

Anyhow, it was along SR-530, probably about 10miles east from Arlington, WA. I arrived there about 6PM Saturday and spent 2 hours until 8PM. As you can see, sun was sill up when I left there. I should have taken my sun glasses off. But I needed to set the pochard box against the sun to put the canvas and palette in shadow and sunshine was directly hitting my face.  So I couldn't re-create subtle tone changes in green as well as I wanted. I'll look for a folding umbrella with a crimp by next time. My painting umbrella is too long to attach to my motorcycle.

The cattle were not there when I set stuff up. Right after I started drawing the barn and trees, they showed up. I quickly put them on the canvas before they were gone. I now think the tallest tree aligned to the barn is kind of awkward. I'll likely move it  toward right when I work on the studio version next.

For those two hours, I felt I was really into it. I guess it was because of the long drought.

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