Saturday, May 8, 2010

Still Keep "Blocking-in"

This is today's outcome at Gage. We spent more than two hours to work on one subject. The instructor Susan encouraged us to go slow, but more accurate. This photo shows "block-in" process very well. I think you can recognize (I hope) the subject was a cast of Roman soldier with a helmet. First defined the "box" with right height vs. width ratio. Then defined the positions of key points based on relationship with other points or edges. By measuring distance between those points and vertical or horizontal lines that go over those points with a skewer, which is in my left hand at the end of the stretched arm, I kept refining positions of lines. Susan discouraged me not to go into the details of face features at this stage, but to keep focus on accuracy of big shapes and their relations each other.

I'm getting there gradually.

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