Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting my confidence back

I didn't spend as much time as I wanted on this today. Because weather suddenly turned great about 3PM and I needed to mow lawn and do some yard work very quickly then rode on my motorcycle to take some animal photos in North Bend/Snoqualmie. No I think I got good photos to paint from after, or even before finishing this pieces. You'll see it soon in this blog.

Acutally when I started working on this piece again before the weekend after about a month of absence, I was not sure how I could finish this piece. As usually I do in the situation like this, I went back to the basics, values especially shadows, on the ridge and now in the foreground. I felt my confidence came back and started enjoying painting this piece again. I'll keep working on the foreground this week since I finished the homework for the Saturday class already.