Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Yakima Visit

Saturday, about 9PM, technically 1h 45min before summer officially starts, I was approaching Yakima from south on I-82. Oldies like Supremes, Marvin Gay, and so on, were on the radio. I lost consciousness about who and where I am for a moment....just amazed by the scenery.
Next morning, I drove up Canyon Road, SR-821, toward Ellensburg. And set up my easel along Yakima river. The trees' green on the left side was showing a good contrast with the dried grass's yellow, which I couldn't recreate well on the canvas. Ironically that was why I picked this spot instead of rocky canyon views. Also, I should have made it darker as you can easily see. I spent about two hours and a half there until noon. It was not hot but breezy. I felt even chilly.

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