Sunday, March 15, 2009

End of the color bootcamp

It's been a strange day today so far. In the morning, it was snowing heavily. Then now about 3:30P it's sunny but strong winds are gusting. I took this opportunity to take some photos for the latest "East of the Mountains" as well as this outcome of the bootcamp that ended on Wed. Please visit my home page for the latest landscape piece, which would be the biggest piece in the next show.
I obviously couldn't finish this flower painting Wed. But started painting lights on the canvas. The instructor Jane suggested I put some yellow green glazing layer on the highlighted area. I might try. Or may not. I had hard time ranging colors between green and yellow, which was very narrow because of the blue and yellow I've chosen. But I've learned something out of these primary colors. I'll keep experimenting colorwise to get to the effect I want to get.
The biggest thing I've learned from this course was the atmosphere of my paintings were decided by my primary colors. Those were all transparent. Thats why this painting has quite different atmosphere compared to my regular paintings. I want to try more opaque primary colors in the future.

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