Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cle Elum River

This Valentine's Day Saturday, I went to Roslyn then Cle Elum Lake and set up my field easel at Cle Elum River a couple of miles upstream from the lake. The road along the river was mainly open only for snow mobilers. I parked my car at the end of theirs along the road. Then walked down to the river side. Snow was icy below the surface. I slipped a couple of times befer getting there. But at the time I left, about 3 pm, it was walmer and thinner layer of snow was melted because Sun broke out.
Anyway, I still couldn't figure out how I paint ripples of water. The stream was not slow despite of the look of this painting. I guess I should have made the river darker with more colors. Maybe next time.

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