Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good Old Faithful

Even though I've been recently painting cows as animal subjects, horses are always one of my favorite subjects. The last one I did was back in Sep. 2005, "Golden Mane". It's been more than three years without painting any horses. But I finally came back to them. A friend of mine has been asking me painting a horse she and her husband own at their ranch-like home in IL. This would be a good practice before working on their horse. I'm thinking another horse painting after this, or later, for the coming-up Jun-Jul show.
I took some photos of this horse and others at a ranch just a couple miles east from Cle Elum along SH-10 that runs parallel to I-90 on the opposite side of Yakima River. I particularly liked this two color horse. The canvas size is 20"x24". I put underpainting with complementary colors. The title of this should be "breeze". You would understand why as soon as I painted her mane.

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