Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st week at Color Boot Camp

Starting from today and continuing until March, I go to Pratt's Color Boot Camp taught by Jane Richlovsky every Wed afternoon. Today three of us worked on our own color circle; primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Then three tinted colors by adding titanium white to those twelve colors. Jane gave us freedom to pick our own primary colors within the ranges based on the nature of color pigments. I've chosen my current favorite set; ultramarine blue, hansa yellow, and arizarin crimson, which I most likely continue to use to create my palette for every oil painting. As I always have, I was having a problem mixing the twelve colors too little. Then I ended up mixing the same colors again and again when I expanded each mixed color to three more tinted ones. This process took us the entire afternoon.
Next week, we'll be painting still life only based on the colors we made without mixing them togather. I'm guessing now it would be similar to drawing with pastel. We'll see.

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