Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paul Horiuchi: East and West

I took a short trip to Skagit valley and Fidalgo Island today. Looked like the valley needed at least one more week for the most colorful season.

My first destination was Museum of NW Art at La Conner. Paul Horiuchi, one of famous NW School artists in the last century, was on the show. He's most famous for collage w/ rice papers, his Japanese heritage. But there were some his expressionistic oil paintings from his early years. A bunch of his watercolor paintings of Japanese scenery was also impressive.

The second stop was an opening of Alfred Currier and John Simon's show at Insights Gallery at Anacortes. I especially liked Currier's colorful Skagit valley scenery in impasto style. You can get a sense of it at the gallery's web site: However, you need to go there and be close to the surface to see how he applied paint.


Unknown said...

I only learned a week ago that the beautiful little watercolor I bought at a New York City auction decades ago, is by Paul Horiuchi --I always thought it was signed "Hokuchi". I bought Barbara Johns' book and for sure, it is Paul Horiguchi's signature, dated '58; however, it is quite different from his other works (at least, those in the book) -- abstract, vivit pinks and reds, almost pointilist, subtly multilaywered (but not a collage). Can you point me to soembody who could authenticate it and give me an idea of valuation? Many thanks. Alex Kogan, East Hampton, NY

ToshiE said...

I wouldn't be the best person to ask about valuation for famous artist's work. But I would say you may try contacting Museum of Northwest [], or other museum in Northwest. Links to Some of museum web sites are in the links page at my web site. They might be able to tell you some contacts for valuation if you're lucky.
Another possible information source is galleries who have Paul Horiuch's work in collection. One of them in Seattle is Gordon Woodside/John Braseth Gallery []. They definitely know who can valuate his pieces. But they might charge you to provide referral.

Good luck!