Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jane Hunt Workshop

This weekend I was attending Jane Hunt's Plein Air WS on Bainbridge Island, as always hosted by Martha Jordan.
On Day1(Sat) we went out to Pritchard Park on the same spot we did with Tim Deibler a couple of years ago. I tried to paint the same tree I think Tim painted and I painted last time, but I couldn't figure out how to handle thick layered trunks and branches then leaves. Tried Jane's technique, using a plastic painting knife for lighted up leaves but didn't work well for stones underneath, then timed out.
Day2 was at flower garden for color study with limited palette. From the beginning the ground for sun-lit and shadowed areas are cooler than they're supposed to be. And, of course, I can't figure out how to paint flowers and leaves well. That's why I gave up flowers as subject for long time ago. Anyway, I managed to get this this level (above right photo).

Jane is quite keen about values. She doesn't use much high chroma colors but the result comes up natural because of that. I don't think I would start using knives but I'll study more about value range 1 to 4 more.

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