Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chuck Close PRINTS: Process and Collaboration @ Schack Art Center

This Sat afternoon I rode on my motorcycle despite the rain to get to Shack Art Center, Everett to see the exhibit about Chuck Close's printing processes and collaboration with print makers.

It inspired me a lot because it was not about Monroe-born artist's prints but it's about his ever-evolving processes and those printmakers' contributions to his process development. I've learned those processes such as mezzotint, pulp-paper multiplies, reduction linoleum, Japanese-style woodcut, and so on at the exhibit. It included those grids used to create "Phil" with pulp, and woodcuts for his self-portrait.

I spent about an hours to read through the descriptions next to the artifacts on the wall, which is quite unusual for me who wouldn't spend more than 15 min to walk through this size of exhibit. At the end I bought a book about this exhibit wrote by Terrie Sultan at the store.

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