Saturday, May 23, 2015

Andy Eccleshall Workshop - day 1

Andy Eccleshall is well-known as an atmospheric painter. I know that's not something I want to be but I thought it might help me how I paint sky and clouds.
There was not much instructions and demo at the beginning but we just started painting layers from the furthest, or bottom, layer and put layers on to it to get closer. I picked up a copy of one of Albert Bierstadt's landscape paintings Andy brought in, and started from the far clounds towards foreground. It was not exactly the process Andy showed us at the beginning. Because I didn't cover the entier canvas at the beginning. But managed to finish this in about 3.5 hours or so.
To me it was not much different how I paint outside. Some differnces were:
- under painting was cobalt blue+payne's grey+tinenium white that you can see on the edges of the canva paper, which was covered by tapes when I was painting. We all pre-primed them at home and brought them in.
- size is 11x14 so a little bigger than I would paint outside (9x12), so took a little longer (regulary 2h).
After finishing this, I started a cloud painting (only clouds and mountains are in composition). I'll finish that tomorrow morning hopefully.

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