Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lost in Box Canyon

Again, this is not directly art-related. But I'll most likely paint one out of this hiking photos or from the next hiking in the near future because I almost lost in the forest and wondered around about 2 hours before finally found the lower trail, which was actually not the one I intended to hike today. Apparently I was on a wrong trail from the beginning! I figured it out only after I came home and researched again with google map.

The trailhead parking was accessible only from Kachess Lake (east side) and at the end of 3 mile dirt road. I apparently missed the trailhead on the right hand side the road and, instead, kept going along NF-4930. No wonder why it ended unexpectedly and I had to climb up steep forest slope without trail. I took above photo on a big rock when I decided giving up finding the lake and turning around. It was about 1PM. On my way down, I climbed down straightly to the creek because Box Canyon Creek flows along the trail. Only problem was the creek I thought it was Canyon Creek was actually its West Fork, which flows in a distance from NF-4930. As the result, I couldn't get back on the NF road, then lost.

I don't want to talk how treacherous the path was, which I had to walk through. I fell not only a couple of times because I couldn't see my footage due to thick low trees and vegetation. Sometimes it was swampy. Many of low bushes had thorns, and so on.

Anyway, the bottom line is I came down safely only with some minor cuts and bruises. I saw some hikers at the parking when I got back. I never saw along MY trail, and wondering where they were hiking. I promise I'll try again soon.

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