Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kendall Peaks Lake Hiking

Well, this is not directly related to any art activity. But I might paint something out of photos I took during this hiking to Kendall Peaks Lake.

Most of the trail is a logging road then the final part forked out but very narrow and covered by snow so I couldn't find where it begins good 20 min or so. I walked up and down along the logging road then eventually made up my mind and go cutting through low trees. After 10 - 20 ft into it, I found a faint sign of trail at a gap of snow patches. The rest was easy down slope to the lake.
I started walking at 9:50A and arrived the lake about 1PM after lunch. So it's about 3 hours to get there. Coming down took me 1.5h total.

The lake was very nice but most of the trail was not so impressive. No wonder why I didn't meet any other hikers.

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