Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moses Coulee

Yesterday, I rode my motorcycle to get to La Conner to attend a panel discussion about John Cole and his arts. I arrived 45 min late due to a couple of mistakes/miscalculations I made. So I could see/hear only last 20 min. But it was good enough.

After coming back home, I quickly load up my painting stuff on the motorcycle and took off to get to Quincy where I booked a motel room for the night.  Then this morning I rode to Moses Coulee and painted at the side of a gravel mountain road. It was gorgeous morning to paint the big scene.

Since I spent some time to make a thumb nail sketch, the composition and proportion of the bluffs are about right. I think. The colors of sagebrush is still challenging especially where the clouds high above cast shadow on.

I took more than 100 photos with my new (used) Nikon p520. I would probably make bigger paintings not only for this scene but also from other photos. I had a very good time out there.

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