Sunday, April 6, 2014

La Conner Visit

Today I had the first long ride of the year to Skagit Valley mainly to visit MoNA(Museum of Northwest Art) to see John Cole exhibit, which was really good especially for his earlier works including cubism.
Then another good thing happened at La Conner Seaside Gallery. I personally talked to Alfred Currier (below image is from the Gallery website).
Then lastly I painted along Best Rd looking toward east (top image) beyond tulip fields. I had two frustraions: 1) I couldn't come up with good colors for distant trees along Skagit River, and 2) oil paint didn't flow well on the surface (canvas paper) although I mixed more than I regularly do. I didn't use pallet knife though. By considering this is the first plein air of the season all together, I'm mildly satisfied with the outcome. I'll try mixing more paint next time.

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