Sunday, December 1, 2013

One last round of pushes

If this were me a year ago or before, I would have stopped painting at this point and call it done. I'm now able to see problems and, more importantly, I know how I could fix them. Besides, it's already December and the next clear day for photos after I finish wouldn't come until Tue or Wed. So no need to rush and finish yesterday, the last day of Nov.
First I need to make another big batch of sky colour and re-shape tree edges on the island with sky holes. Then bring up background trees/forest to be lighter. I would touch a little more on the greens and yellows on the island to give them more value contrast. Then finally re-work on the edges of stones to give more sense that most of them are submerged.
That's all I have to finish this piece. After all, this would be one of my best paintings ever. I decided changing the title to "Summer Dream - Crescent Bay" because this view looked exactly like a summer dream in winter.

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