Saturday, September 14, 2013

I think "Low Tide" was wrong...

Tonight after I came back from a group artwalk with friends in Seattle, I finished Rosario Beach. Then looked at Low Tide again.
Suddenly I realized I picked a wrong composition.
The reason being: Look at Summer Breeze I recently finished. It's a great result not because it's painted on a small panel but because it focuses closely to the main subject I wanted to paint. Then look at Low Tide now. It's very difficult because the size of the geese/main subject is very small compared to the canvas size. It wouldn't be a geese painting but a ocean painting.

That's wrong!

I'm now re-cropping the original photo to make the geese bigger on canvas at the same time making the canvas size to 16x16, which is 2" wider vertically. I don't have time tonight to start a new Low Tide. But I'll start making new 16x16 stretched canvas tomorrow night.

Sorry for no photo tonight.

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