Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Emmert Vista II"

Today I joined Jim Lamb's plein air workshop Day 1, hosted by WIFAS(Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio), Cary Jurriaan, on the island. Until this morning we didn't know where we would paint today. It was at the former president of UW, or the current NCAA president Mark Emmert's place, near Cultus Bay, south end of the island. Mark Emmert is apparently one of Cary's friends on the island. In the afternoon, while we were painting, Mark came back from the East Coast where he works and I exchanges some words with him. He liked my Moto Guzzi V7 but his wife cut off our conversation and asked me not to recommend with a smile...I had to let him stay away from trouble.

Anyway, above is the outcome of today's session. After finished initial block out with wider brush, I run out of base green mixture and struggled putting more layers on top of it. Lesson1: make a enough batch of major colors expected to use a lot.
I think the tree shapes and colors are ok. Jim said sky is too cool and I should worm and lighten it up. He demonstrated on my canvas, which I later destroyed mushing up with greens. He also commented the orange grass is too hot. I should have made more pinkish or something like that.
But after all, I think I picked a proper composition and made a good progress on learning plein air today.
I'm looking forward to the session tomorrow.

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