Monday, August 27, 2012

Painting Trip to NW corner of Olympic peninsula

Today I came back from 3 day painting trip to NW corner of Olympic peninsula. It was a very nice one and I want to go back in the near future. I painted at Cape Flattery (left pic) Saturday evening before Sun set into Pacific Ocean. It was nice interacting with many people while I was painting at the end of a trail. As Sun moved toward the horizon the colors of cliffs and trees kept changing but I enjoyed watching and capturing them. On Sunday, I hiked 2 mile tough trail for an hour to Shi Shi Beach but weather wasn't so good (right pic). It was hard to see the colors of the rocks and ocean. Then this morning I stopped by La Push and took some photos for future painting. Weather was better today than yesterday when the Peninsula got some rain while Seattle didn't. I couldn't carry three canvas so I didn't paint today.
Overall, I got some inspiration about seascapes. I'll try producing at least a couple of studio paintings out of this trip after finishing "dragon cloud".

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