Sunday, October 16, 2011

I knew this would happen....

When I went to Cole Gallary in Edmonds, WA, in Saturday afternoon, I realized how nice the weather was this weekend and we could expect another good day tomorrow. Means I should go out to paint!
So, I suddenly made up my mind and booked a cheep motel in Cle Elum, WA, and rode on my motorcycle Saturday night.
Sunday morning was a little chilly in upper thirties. But about the time I turned onto Teanaway Drive from US-970, the morning fog started burned off and blue sky started showing.

I set up my easel near by Teanaway River, where is very common artist spot. At least Ned Mueller painted there this summer and sent me the outcome. My advantage was very colorful trees in fall. I spend about 2 hours until 11AM to come up with the result in the photo. Although it doesn't show well about the difference between sun-lit part and shadowed part due to lack of experience, the colorful trees helped this painting obviously.

After I came home I tried to make some progress on the new field easel. But when I followed the instruction of the insert nuts then hammered a nut into 11/32" hole of the piece of wood it cracked as you can see below. I knew it might happen but I did it anyway. I guess I need to try a size bigger hole, which is 3/8", next time.

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