Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teanaway Valley

Yesterday afternoon, I made a decision to stay at Cle Elum and paint in Teanaway Valley this morning. Mainly because I couldn't find a good spot to paint in early morning around Everett. When I rode on to Teanaway Rd from SR-970, I immediately knew I could paint anywhere along the load. I've chosen this area because Ned Mueller send out email with beautiful photos about a month ago. The mountain is Earl Peak, which Ned also painted from the same angle but a little further away. In his painting the peak was completely covered by snow. Now I only could see some patches.

In the middle of two hour session, a bunch of cows were rushing toward me. Later I figured a big cube of salt was placed only a couple of dozen yards away  from the spot I was painting. They came to lick it, which I quickly put in the canvas. The mountains became a little too red and I should have make the trees darker. But overall it's not too bad. I need keep trying.

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