Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jim Lamb Plein Air Workshop - Day 3, Last Day

Today was perfect for painting weather-wise. We met at Fay Bainbridge State-park and reduced our cars down to three (plus my motorcycle) and visited the host's house on sand bar next to the park. It was very narrow strip of land but absolutely beautiful.

The photo on the left was today's outcome. Not as impressive as last two days. I had problems with defining colors for both foreground and background trees. Besides, I wanted to paint Olympic Mountains, which were immediately hidden by the clouds.

So Jim suggested putting focus on the interesting shaped tree on the left and I made it much bigger and moved toward the center. That's why it took entire today to work on only one piece. His last comments were 1) I needed put much bigger curved cloud shape on the right to counter balance the heaviness of left trees. 2) the color of the sand beach is too cool. It's not in Hawaii.

Well, at least I got some ideas to work on in my own plein air sessions this summer. When I told him I needed to learn brush strokes, he said it would take planning, confidence and some practices. I have to work on that too. It was quite intensive but productive three days. I'm very tired tonight.

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