Saturday, May 14, 2011

Greenwood-Phinney ArtWalk - The Big One

 Yesterday evening and this afternoon, I was a part of the annual artwalk in this NW Seattle neighborhood. I'd been applying this artwalk last 5 years or so. I was accepted two years ago but needed to withdraw due to my company's bankruptcy. So this year was my first time showing my paintings at one of businesses in the neighborhood along Greenwood Ave.

 The business name was Emma Jean's Consignment and Antique, a small shop at a little north from N 85th St. Except for the show window at the front of the store, where the stampede series was hung, all walls were full of stuff. So the owner, Thomas Grant, about 6' 6" or even taller guy, hung my six paintings down from the ceiling grid (see the second photo). Some people who visited the store this afternoon took a while to find my paintings. People don't have habits to "look up". They tend to look down instead. Yesterday was better because they were spot-lighted in darker store at night.

 There was a lot of traffic into the store last night. I greeted them, answered their questions, and added some more background information behind each painting. Most of people liked my paintings.  But I think only one person took my bio/statement card with a business card stacked up on a table. But it was expected. I was there again this afternoon 3-5. Much less people walked by. And most of them were just interested in antiques. Since the weather was nicer than expected this afternoon, I thought I should have brought my pochard box and done some demonstrations in front of the store. Although I haven't done city-scape for good 7-8 years. I'll consider next time.

Overall, it was relatively successful event by considering that this was my first experience attending an artwalk as an artist. I was quite tired standing for more than 5 hours totally. But I need to get back to painting tomorrow. I felt I needed to produce more while standing there this afternoon.

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