Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Along Umtanum Road

I took the same route in opposite direction from Naches to go over highland to get to Ellensburg today, which I drove yesterday to get to Yakima. Today I had a plan painting along the road, not only driving back toward Ellensburg. Before getting on the road, I got a ticket earlier this morning while I was passing Naches Hights. I didn't realize there was a school there. 8:30 in Tue morning. Probably the first day at the school. The officer was sympathetic but gave me a ticket for $211 fine. Anyway, the new gadget worked very well as I imagined. I didn't have to lay down a brush stand on the ground. The new paint thinner container was also very effective. It's hanging at the bottom of the tripod.
Umtanum Ridge is on the south side of the road. I couldn't quite catch the lights and paint on the canvas. But I think I caught the colors of the ridge relatively well. The foreground with sagebrush is always tough to paint quickly on-site. I'll paint this in a bigger format sometime this year.
After all it was a very nice short vacation trip to Yakima.

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