Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Palette

By the way, this is my palette while I was working on the background town. Those paints are burnt umber, quinacridone red, yellow orchre, hansa yellow light, ultra marine blue, cobalt blue, and Utrecht white(mixture of titanium white and zinc white). It's quite simple and clean if you compare it with regular artist palettes. I tend not to make many colors one time and use the same, or a little tinted/darkened, colors in multiple areas on canvas. Which is good and bad. It would give viewers more easing feeling because viewer can see color patterns on one painting. But it might fall into a pit like monotonous or dull result. Or at least I need to take more time to clean up the palette to make different types of colors. But it's also necessary because I want to make more amount of color mixtures to make layers of paint a little more thicker than I use to make. To do that, I need more surface on my palette for one mixture.

Anyhow, this is how I make colors now.

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