Monday, July 27, 2009

Hot weekend. But more to come...

It was quite hot weekend. But I went to Bellevue Arts Fair on Sunday. There were more than 300 booths in the garage of Bellevue Squire and along the access road. This was my first time there because it happens in the same weekend with Alki Art Fair every year. As I expected, not so many 2D painter's booths. Just like West Seattle Street Fair. People were there to enjoy "stuff", which is not necessarilly to be fine art. But I'm sure there were much more poeple than Alki Art Fair can bring in. Nice summer entertainment event, for sure.

Tonight, I worked on the Yakima River a little bit. I'm still defining the positions of bigger shapes and those shapes themselves. It's still in drawing stage. I'll gradually get to the colors.

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