Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some modifications to Proto-type 1

Even though I cleared snow from the side walk this morning, a couple of inches of new snow is already on the ground before getting dark and it's still snowing outside.
Anyhow, I worked on the prototype this weekend and I guess I'm done with it for now. I got two of simple hinge supports on the internet and connected them together to make it adjustable. Now it opens as wide as 105 degrees or less. Then I did some wood work to shape a piece to slide into the space under the top plate of the tripod. It's tight. But the box still swings when I tap the edge downward. It's better than before though. The legs of the tripod are not strong enough and as the result they warp as I tap the box. I think this is all I can expect from a $28 tripod.
I might attach some metal pieces to keep the box closed for transportation. But otherwise I'm reasonably satisfied with the outcome of this prototype 1. Total material cost was, I think, about $60-70. I'll use this for plein air painting for a while until I come up with a new idea.

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