Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hand-made field easel

Before the thanksgiving holiday starts, I started working on a hand-made field easel. My motivation and reason why I decided making my own are....
- My french easel is heavy and hard to set up in the field in some cases.
- Better field easels available on the market are 1) expensive, and 2) designed only for small canvas boards, 9"x11" or smaller.
So, my key objectives for this handmade easel are:
a) relatively light weight
b) for 12"x16" stretched canvas
c) attached on a tripod

I researched some more on the internet and found an artist's YouTube site showing how to make an own tripod easel. I modified his idea to fit my objectives above. Then started building it. So far I encountered some hurdles to clear, like how to firm the rod to hold the top of the stretched canvas and a mechanizm to fix the angle of the canvas vertically. I'm clearing those issues one by one now.

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