Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seeking "truth"

Yesterday, when I was browsing galleries in Seattle, a series of abstract paintings got my attention. The artist's name was James Brown. At the receptionist's desk, I read his artist statement and understood why they pulled my attention. He wrote "...what I am looking for is truth. I will paint and paint...and eventually, if I am lucky, I will start to see certain colors, or lines, or patterns that ring of truth. When I see these, my speed picks up..." I saw the process he described on his pieces as well as the truth he found through the process.

My process is somewhat similar in terms of finding colors and brush marks, I think. I can't get to the goal spontaneously. With this "Stampede Series" I'm working on the background pasture now to seek something that ring of truth. I haven't gotten there yet. I'll keep trying.

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