Monday, June 2, 2008

Recent Plein Air

I missed the best opportunity of painting outside on Memorial Dal weekend Saturday, when I and my friend went out for artwalk in Seattle. It was a gorgeous day. But I couldn't give up and tried getting the last piece of it in early Sunday morning. I stayed in Silverdale Saturday night then drove over Hood Canal Floating Bridge. Before the weather got worse, I settled myself on the beach on the west side of Hood Canal. I thought the good chunk of landmass on the canal was an island. But actually it was connected to Olympic Peninsula, called Hood Head. I figured this after I got home. Since the weather was changing quickly, so was light. I tried capturing subtle color changes of the trees but failed. Then I needed to leave there before rain started. I may try again this summer.

A week later, I went down to Columbia River Gorge but I decided painting on Columbia Hills on WA side. I liked more rounded shaped landscape over the hills that particular day. And it had more colorful greens and yellows. I'm satisfied with the contrast between the yellow hill and dark greens of the forest in a small valley that I could recreated on the canvas.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I've seen this work earlier, but had to comment on the new background - it looks great. Hope you get some peace and quiet at work to put up more art soon.