Sunday, March 31, 2013

Plein air at Bowman Bay

The weather/temperature was too good not to go out for painting over Easter weekend. Unfortunately my motorcycle has been broken down since Nov, I drove my car and stayed at a motel in Mount Vernon last night then went to Rosario Beach/Bowman Bay this morning. I took a lot of photos from the trail from the parking lot at Rosario Bay to Bowman Bay. Then set up my easel on the trail. I still don't have enough skills to make the color of distant mountains and dark colored see in background, and obviously don't know how to paint madrona trees. Also the rocks in the foreground is not realistic enough. I couldn't get  shapes, values, and colors right. But this is the first of this year. I just need to keep trying.
One thing I've learned with this plain air session was how to color the canvas with paints more effectively. I need to mix with more paints with a palette knife. Although the color is not quite right for Olympic mountains, it has consistently thick enough because I mixed a batch of the color.

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